New Vehicles for the Fleet!

Posted 9 November 2022

In an effort to keep the fleet moving as we grow, we are continually looking to add more efficient vehicles to the existing selection. we have recently added two further workhorses into the stable, one larger van so that the amount of fabricated material taken to site in one visit is ‘Maximised’ with our new Maxis!

The second is a new pool vehicle that allows site meetings, surveys and customer visits to be carried out without using the field vehicles, keeping them productive.

We have also added Tracking Telematics, this will help us manage the fleet efficiently and add towards our carbon footprint reduction plans for the future.

The logos stand out well, even better when they are out on the road in full view of our future clients



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22 December 2022
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9 November 2022
New Vehicles for the Fleet!
9 November 2022


Castle Eden Fabrications offer the following services:

  • Complete Lift Car Interior Refurbishments and Partial ReLines
  • Bespoke Car Interior Design Service
  • Mirror Installation or Replacement following damage
  • Car Interior Handrail and Bump rail Installation
  • New Car Ceiling Manufacture and Installation with LED packages
  • Replacement Flooring
  • Landing & Car Door Re-Skin
  • General Lift Related Fabrication