Lift Entrance Architraves

We specialise in providing a fully measured and manufactured solution to your architrave needs when replacing lift entrances. We all know that some walls can run off in both the vertical and horizontal planes, which makes the accuracy of the survey critical if you want the matching in against the wall meet the standards of the rest of your build and décor.

Our team are trained on taking the time to make each floor specific to that need, and giving the end result that is required.

Options for various designs of Steel finish, wrap and fold, internal impact protection and fire protection can all be added to the design service, bringing you a compliant and aesthetically combined solution on completion.

All work is certified and recorded as part of our internal management system, giving you peace of mind for the ongoing life cycle of the lift.

Stainless Steel Architraves

We can survey and measure to produce bespoke manufactured architrave solutions for any use and can match the design requirements of your architect or lift designer using our skilled factory based fabricators

Heavy Duty Architraves

The Architrave can be made out of any material you choose, boarded and fixed to give added impact protection. We can also provide Passive Fire Protection by adding fire stopping material to the gaps around the entrance before the architrave is fitted

Bespoke Finish and Accessories

We can manufacture to any design or finish, and incorporate special features at your designers request


Castle Eden Fabrications offer the following services:

  • Complete Lift Car Interior Refurbishments and Partial ReLines
  • Bespoke Car Interior Design Service
  • Mirror Installation or Replacement following damage
  • Car Interior Handrail and Bump rail Installation
  • New Car Ceiling Manufacture and Installation with LED packages
  • Replacement Flooring
  • Landing & Car Door Re-Skin
  • General Lift Related Fabrication