Bump Rails

Part of the regulations for the lift is to have handrails on one, or all sides of the lift interior.

These bring further benefits when combined as an added protection to the wall panels you have just invested in. There are a range of solutions that can be incorporated from Heavy Duty Impact protection to Rubber Shock Absorbing systems, we will always find a solution for you.

Heavy Duty Bump Rails

If your lift is likely to suffer from impact from trolleys or operational equipment, why not have wood backed bump rails added in. They come in various colours, and prolong the lifetime of the car interior by helping to reduce the damage from accidental impact

Tubular Handrails

We can manufacture and install made to measure handrail solutions to match your design needs

Rubber Impact Buffer Rails

In extreme cases you may want to add a rubber absorbing buffer rail to your goods lifts to lessen the impact from the goods moving equipment


Castle Eden Fabrications offer the following services:

  • Complete Lift Car Interior Refurbishments and Partial ReLines
  • Bespoke Car Interior Design Service
  • Mirror Installation or Replacement following damage
  • Car Interior Handrail and Bump rail Installation
  • New Car Ceiling Manufacture and Installation with LED packages
  • Replacement Flooring
  • Landing & Car Door Re-Skin
  • General Lift Related Fabrication