Castle Eden Fabrications Join Industry Awareness Group

Posted 9 November 2022

Castle Eden are proud to join many of our industry partners in raising awareness of Mental Health and its impacts to all. Being part of this group will bring raised internal and external awareness of the condition, the impact that it can have, and more importantly what we can do as a business to help reduce the levels across our remit. more information will follow on this as we start to conduct training and information sessions for our team.


Castle Eden Fabrications offer the following services:

  • Complete Lift Car Interior Refurbishments and Partial ReLines
  • Bespoke Car Interior Design Service
  • Mirror Installation or Replacement following damage
  • Car Interior Handrail and Bump rail Installation
  • New Car Ceiling Manufacture and Installation with LED packages
  • Replacement Flooring
  • Landing & Car Door Re-Skin
  • General Lift Related Fabrication